Youth Strings Audition Requirements

Youth Strings Audition Requirements

This page has been updated for auditions for the 2019-2020 season.

Youth Strings auditions consist of three parts: scale requirement, solo requirement, and sightreading.

Scale Requirement  Two 2-octave scales of your choice, one major and one melodic minor, with arpeggios.

Perform scales as eighth notes at quarter note = 60 or faster, at a tempo you can maintain, four notes to a bow for strings. The tonic may be doubled in each octave. Perform arpeggios as eighth note triplets, three notes to a bow for strings.

Scales should show your best tone, intonation, and consistency of tempo.

Solo Requirement – A short piece of your choice at the level of Suzuki Book Two or Three.

Sightreading –  To help prospective members gauge the level of difficulty of the audition sightreading, an example is downloadable here.

Prospective Youth Strings members should be able to:
– play from notation at their current level of technique
– play in a section, including staying together with others and following a conductor
– read and play music in keys up to two sharps or flats

Please reference the Youth Strings Ensemble Description for more information about the ensemble.