Repertory Strings Audition Requirements

Repertory Strings Audition Requirements

String applicants for Youth Orchestra will automatically be considered for Repertory Strings and will be placed in ensembles based on their auditions. The string audition requirements for both ensembles are:

      • Scales should be played four eighth-notes to a bow, quarter note = 60 or faster, at a tempo you can maintain. Scales should show your best tone, intonation, and consistency of tempo.
        • Violin: B-flat Major, b melodic minor, three octaves.
        • Viola: E-flat Major, e melodic minor, three octaves.
        • Cello: B-Flat major, e melodic minor, three octaves.
        • Bass: C Major, e melodic minor, two octaves.
      • A short solo excerpt of no more than three minutes from a standard concerto, sonata, or other significant concert work, showing your best technique and musicianship. Your solo should be comparable in difficulty to Suzuki Book 7 (violin), Book 5 (cello) and up.
      • Required orchestral excerpts below:

  Violin Excerpt

Viola Excerpt

   Cello Excerpt

   Bass Excerpt