GTCC-High Point

GTCC-High Point is located in downtown High Point. Note that this is a separate location from the large GTCC Jamestown campus.

Within the GTCC-High Point Campus, the GSYO event will take place in the Soundstage / Recording Studio. This is in building H4 on the Campus Map.

Venue Website with Google Map: GTCC-High Point
Campus Map: PDF Link
Parking: Parking is free, in the lots off of South Hamilton Street.

The school’s official address is 901 S Main St, High Point, NC 27260. However, if you use GPS and arrive to that address you will be on the opposite side of the campus from the location of the GSYO event.

Instead, if you use 604 S Hamilton St., High Point, NC 27260 as the address for the loading dock entrance to the Soundstage, that will be the best place to drop off, and there are parking lots off of this side street.