Youth Philharmonic – Info

Youth Philharmonic

Youth Philharmonic is a string orchestra for players at the level of Suzuki Book 4 and above who have ensemble experience and are ready for more challenging repertoire. Rehearsals focus on bowing techniques, development of vibrato, and general ensemble skills. Youth Philharmonic presents three concerts per year with programs including original string works and contemporary string orchestra arrangements.

The size of Youth Philharmonic is between 35 and 45 students. Youth Philharmonic rehearses Sunday afternoons at the UNCG Music Building, Room 110, 3:30-5:00 p.m.. Youth Philharmonic gives two public performances per year as well as one additional special event such as the biannual Crystal Ball. Youth Philharmonic participates in a full day of the annual GSYO Fall Retreat. The ensemble does not tour overnight but may travel to perform in regional clinics and orchestra exchanges. Tuition is $200 per year, and scholarships are available in cases of financial need.

Entry Requirements

Prospective Youth Philharmonic members should:

  • be able to read and play music in keys up to 3 sharps or 3 flats
  • play at the level of Suzuki Book Four or higher
  • be able to tune their own instrument
  • be comfortable shifting to at least 3rd position, 5th position for assignment to first violin.
  • have begun to learn vibrato

Audition Requirements