Our Ensembles

GSYO Program Overview

The Greensboro Symphony Youth Orchestra is an educational project of the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra. Begun in 1971 as a single ensemble, the program has grown to now include multiple ensembles of progressive levels.

In addition to the Youth Orchestra, for over fifteen years the GSYO program has offered additional ensembles. For 2019-2020, the ensemble lineup includes Youth Strings, Youth Philharmonic, and Youth Orchestra. These ensembles are designed for young musicians at specific levels from elementary school through high school.

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All GSYO ensembles are selective within their stated level and audition requirements. For educational and musical reasons, all ensembles have limited enrollments. It is possible that not all students who meet an ensemble’s requirements will be admitted. Qualified applicants who are not admitted may be designated as alternates or placed on a wait list, to be contacted partway through a year if a space opens for any reason.

All GSYO ensembles rehearse on Sunday afternoons at the UNCG Music Building. GSYO ensembles perform on shared program concerts throughout the year. For more information, select an ensemble on the left sidebar.